FirstSolution Loan Program 

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Credit Cards are issued by First Bankcard®, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

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Auto and Home Insurance

• Hybrid vehicles

• Accident Prevention Driving Course

• teenSMART® Driving Course

• Car safety features

• Multiple policies

• Multiple cares

Special Offer on Auto and Home Insurance


As a registered nurse you could receive exclusive savings on Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance.


We offer personalized coverage, multi-car and multi-policy discounts, 24-hour claims assistance and more. You could be eligible for discounts based on:

Liberty Mutual is trusted countrywide for quality coverage and exceptional service. Request your free quote now!


Exclusive Offer for Registered Nurses

Liberty Mutual offers insurance benefits tailored to the needs of nurses.


Registered nurses could receive exclusive savings on our quality auto and home insurance. Request a free quote online!

American Association of Registered Nurses, Inc.  1701D-7 Allied St.,  Charlottesville, Virginia 22903      Telephone: 1-844-808-8891      E-mail:



RN Liability Insurance


CM&F offers Registered Nurse (RN) malpractice insurance to individuals interested in protecting themselves with superior liability insurance. CM&F Group offers the most comprehensive and lowest cost liability policy in the market today for nurses. With $1,000,000 in Occurrence protection at $102 per year for nurses practicing countrywide and $134 for nurses in Florida, CM&F makes your decision easy.


The premium you see is the premium you get. No Membership Fees or hidden charges.



                  •  Coverage options up to $2 Million Per Claim

                  •  Full Consent to Settle Claims

                  •  License Defense Coverage

                  •  General Liability Available

                  •  Defense Costs in Addition to Liability Limits

                  •  HIPAA Defense Coverage

                  •  24/7 Coverage Portable Coverage – Take your policy with you if you change jobs


MetLife Dental

Smile. Now you can have dental coverage that you take with you. 

Introducing MetLife TakeAlong Dental insurance, an individual dental policy that you take along with you through every life event you experience. So this could be the last time you’ll have to enroll for dental coverage! Now there’s something to make you smile!



Why Get Dental Insurance?


Keeping your teeth healthy without a dental program can be expensive. Having the right dental coverage makes it easier to visit the dentist and helps lower your costs. That’s where MetLife TakeAlong Dental comes in! It offers competitive pricing and great benefits today and in the future, providing you with continuous coverage. 

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