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The American Association of Registered Nurses (AARN) thanks you for visiting our web site. Our association was first established on March 6, 2008 as an outgrowth of the National Association of Registered Nurses, which was first formed in 1979.


AARN’s primary goal is helping Registered Nurses better manage their personal finances. What makes our association stand apart is that we do not charge dues but rather include all Registered Nurses as part of AARN, which means you're eligible for the benefits and services described here.


We have expanded our services to include important insurance products such as home, renters and condominium coverage. We also have a partner offering shopping discounts via the PerksCard shopping network. To find out more about these programs and how much you may be able to save, go to our directory.

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“I am an RN in North Carolina and have been for over 10 years now! I was looking online and saw that nurses could get discounts on car insurance so I clicked the link and found the AARN website. I’m waiting now to get my free insurance quote! Thank you for all you do to help all of us hard working nurses out here!!!”


- Holly Holloman

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